Club Rules and Safety Guidelines

It is very important to abide the following .....

  • No Mobile Phones to be switched on at the field.
  • No alcohol or illicite drugs are permitted on the field at all.
  • It is the responsibility of all present to observe full sized aircraft in the area and to inform all pilots to land their aircraft or operate at a lower level until full sized aircraft is clear.
  • No flying aircraft above 300 Ft, CASA Regulations Apply.
  • It is a requirement that all new models be given a pre-flight check by a club instructor before test flight.
  • It is advisable that every effort is made to fly in front of your self. DON'T NOT FLY OVER THE PIT AREA AND ROAD FOR SAFETY REASONS.
  • Once motor has been started, please carry model out side of the pit area as taxiing models in the designated pit area is not allowed.
  • Frequency keys to remain on transmitter until placed on the frequency board. Members name and frequency must be shown on the key.
  • DO NOT REMOVE A KEY AT ALL.  The responsibility is yours to find out who's key is in the slot you wish to use.
  • When mowing is underway at the field, please refrain from flying without an observer.
  • Strictly No passengers on mowers.
  • Please consider other members flying various types of aircraft and there experience. (eg keep clear of beginner pilots under instruction).
  • In the Interest of safety sitting and loitering in the pit area is prohibited.
  • Visitors to the club should be greeted cordially and then introduced to a committee member.
  • Intending new members may visit the club, fly and familiarise themselves with flying area (under the supervision of a club instructor). After the fourth visit they would then be required to apply for membership. They must attend the next club meeting to be voted in.
  • No fuel driven aircraft to be started before 8.00 am on week days and before 9.00 am on weekends and public holidays.
  • When taxiing out to the strip you must observe if there is any models flying. If there are models in the air you MUST CALL OUT  "ON THE STRIP" and once the pilots in the air have given the all clear you may then proceed.
  • If a Pilot calls out "LANDING" or "DEAD STICK" you must wait along side of the flight box until model has landed and has cleared the strip before proceeding.
  • Landing Aircraft has the right of way at all times.
  • Based on wind direction and pilots all ready in the air will determine the direction of operating within the circuit.
  • Please refrain from Smoking in the close proximity of the models and pit area as fuel used is flammable.
  • Do NOT leave rubbish lying around, such as rubber bands, glow plug packets etc. Rubbish bins are provided - please keep our club clean.

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