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Club fees for 2014/2015

Joining Fee
Once off, paid over 3 years

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The Club will now be Affiliated with M.A.S.A ( Model Aerosport of South Australia Incorporated) who is the State Arm of the M.A.A.A ( Model Aeronautical Association of Australia) for details and information please refer to the web site at


  1. Membership is at the discretion of the club and new members must attend next monthly meeting after application to be voted in.
  2. Joining fee waived for Juniors.
  3. Insurance payable where no other M.A.S.A insurance is held, when using other club M.A.S.A. insurance a copy of insurance membership number is required at joining and renewal of membership.
  4. Club and Insurance fees are to be paid prior to 30th June .
  5. A Late Fee of $5.00 will apply for payments made after this date (extenuating circumstances will be considered for waiver of this fee).
  6. Pensioners are required to supply/provide verification of pensioner status (eg Government issued entitlement card).
  7. Note M.A.S.A only provides a discount to pensioner Members who are in recipt of a aged pension.
  8. Half Year option is available (after 1st of January) for new memebrs joinging the club, Not applicable if previous member of the club
  9. Note that M.A.S.A. only have a half year Option where there is no M.A.S.A. memebership for the preceeding financial year. (eg if you where a member of M.A.S.A. last year then you CAN NOT have a half year payment Option.)


Junior Classification, From MAAA Web Site

Classification of Junior Member with Respect to Fees At the 2003 Council meeting it was decided to bring the classification of Junior Member in line with the membership year. A person that turns 18 years of age on or after July 1 will be considered a Junior Member for that membership year. For example, if a person turns 18 on or after July 1st 2005, then they will be a junior member for the 2005/06 membership year. The junior classification for local and international competitions is still for the calendar year starting January 1st.

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